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"Ashab e suffa” is an aspiration, named against companions of Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) who lit the light of knowledge and conduct all over the world. It is one kind of an institute that provides three dimensional guidelines in research, education and training(tarbiyah) based on Islamic ideology. Founded in February 1998, with a small team of dynamic, sincere and passionate individuals, has grown into a well-recognized organization within a short span of time

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“Ashabesuffa” is an earnest effort to set such standards of education that will produce students of knowledge and virtue, whose hearts are filled with love and trust in Allah and His people and who are skilled verbally, mentally and socially to that effect. Blessed with visionary leadership and a highly dedicated team, we are determined to produce true emerging representatives of the Ummah having the ideal qualities of practical Muslims who will be valuable for the whole mankind, Insha’Allah. Such an all rounded healthy, progressive personality is developed by providing skill-based education that is integrated with the Quran and Sunnah of the Messenger Muhammad(P.B.U.H). Furthermore, regular Professional training courses ensure that teachers provide excellent role models for the students.

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Ashabesuffa Online Training Institute

Learn Wtih Awe & Wonder

Teachers Training Program

Starting From June 10th

Seerah Geography

Starting From June 10th

Quranic Geography

Starting From June 10th

Teachers Training Program

Starting From June 10th

Teachers Training Program

Starting From June 10th

Teachers Training Program

Starting From June 10th



The school is committed to prepare students and teachers to be creative and productive lifelong learners who can execute successfully in this dynamic world of modern technology as well as be successful in the hereafter.

In the name of Allah, to serve the cause of Islaam, Pakistan and rest of the Muslim world, “Ashabesuffa” will contribute to help all the pupils and the staff to become creative and productive lifelong learners by facilitating their holistic development.

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Dec, 2029
Homeschool Studio: Color Theory and Landscape
Jun, 2022
Art Tales
Art Tales
Paris, French - 8:00 am
Sep, 2022
Art Making Experiences
Art Making Experiences
London, UK - 8:00 am

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"Explore, Engage, Excel: Beyond the Classroom


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